The Complete Presenter's Pack
The Complete Presenter's Pack

The Complete Presenter's Pack

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How to Present: the ultimate guide to presenting your ideas and influencing people using techniques that actually workThis must-read business book contains 18 massive chapters across 312 pages and shows you once and for all that anyone can be an influential presenter who imparts their ideas with confidence, clarity and influence.

How to Present – Presentation Skills Tips from the Masters – Downloadable audio series - In this downloadable Audio series Michelle expertly interviews these top speakers coaxing them to candidly reveal the skills that allow them to consistently engage their audience.

Exceptional Presentation Design DVD - If you have a presentation to design, simply play this DVD and I will coach you in the design of an exceptional presentation from beginning to end.

Confident Speaking Vocals Audio (provided on USB) - This 15-minute audio program takes you through the exercises that actors do before they present on a stage.