Persuasion Smart Profile:  Assess your persuasive style online and receive a personalised report.

Persuasion Smart Profile: Assess your persuasive style online and receive a personalised report.

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Why the Persuasion Smart Profile?

As a business professional, there is nothing more important than the art of persuasion.  You rely on your persuasive abilities to win business, develop productive relationships, and drive results.  So, … How Persuasion Smart are you?  

How persuasive are you?  Do people listen when you speak? Do you often get your own way?

We persuade every day

Every day we are faced with opportunities to influence those around us in the workplace.  Some occasions, such as a business pitch, a formal presentation, business case, or tender response are obvious opportunities to persuade.  Other opportunities are less obvious, for example, unplanned meetings, impromptu presentations, an informal conversation, a lift ride with a possible referrer, an email, even a professional development event that you have decided to attend at the last minute.  Our persuasiveness is limited by our communication style and often we don't take full advantage of the opportunities that present.

When the stakes are high and it’s important that our stakeholder listens and takes the action that we require it is essential that we are persuasive. Our unique persuasion style and personality traits ensure that some people are easier for us to persuade than others. If you’ve ever felt unsure of the most effective way to persuade someone, or you just want to hear the word “yes” more often in your life, one thing is for sure, you need to develop your ability to persuade in any situation, not just the easy situations.

 Based on our survey of over 800 people:

· 89% of executives admit to daydreaming during important meetings and conversations.

· 75% of people say they believe they would gain greater respect for their knowledge and expertise if they were better communicators.

· Only 28% of people say the most recent meeting they attended moved them to action, 72% went back to work and changed nothing. 

These statistics tell us that there’s room for improvement when we are persuading our colleagues.

What are the steps to increasing your persuasive reach?

1. Step 1 is to know yourself.

2. Step 2 is to understand the persuasive preferences of others. 

3. Step 3 is to build your capability so you can adapt your persuasive approach to give the person/people what they need.

What is the Persuasion Smart Profile?

The Persuasion Smart Profile is a psychometric assessment tool that has been developed and published by Michelle Bowden Enterprises. You can use it to better understand your persuasive strengths and weaknesses. 

There are four main persuasive approaches.  

Through a series of short questions that produce a detailed report about how driven you are to change people’s minds as well as your preferred approach to persuading others, the Persuasion Smart Profile helps you ascertain where you are strong and where you are weak when persuading others. 

Your responses are held securely and are completely anonymous.

The purpose of the assessment tool is to open your mind to the various persuasion types that can be used and to encourage you to develop strength in all four approaches where necessary, not just the approaches that feel most comfortable to you.

Take Step 1 and know yourself today. Assess yourself by completing the Persuasion Smart Profile today! Simply select BUY IT NOW from the menu above.

Happy persuading!