Tips from the Masters Series 2 - Michelle interviews 6 Master Presenters so YOU can use their secrets to transform your public speaking.

Tips from the Masters Series 2 - Michelle interviews 6 Master Presenters so YOU can use their secrets to transform your public speaking.

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Are you an expert in something? What are you passionate about?

Have you dreamt of becoming a professional speaker and helping thousands with your message?

Is it time that people listened when you speak?

Public speaking is one of people’s greatest fears, but it doesn’t have to hold you back. 

Whether you are a professional speaking at industry events, an expert positioning yourself as the authority, or you’re dipping your toe in the water as a motivational speaker it’s time to have people remember you for all the right reasons.

Public speaking is Michelle’s business. She knows what it takes to be a captivating speaker who engages and inspires, no matter how technical the message.

She speaks regularly for huge corporate audiences and has transformed over 10,000 people through her Persuasive Presentation Skills Masterclass that she’s delivered more than 850 times.

And now … Michelle uses her 25 years of experience as Australia’s best selling author and master trainer in persuasive presenting in business and brings you 6 of her friends who are true international masters of the stage.


The Speakers...

Michael McQueen - Speaker of the Year

Learn the secret to elegance and speaking mastery in an ever changing world. How do you get started as a speaker? What role do mentors play? What is the difference between emulating the best and imitating? Learn why winging it doesn't work, how to be your best self, and engage from the start to the finish. Whose advice should you listen to when you're starting out? What does it take to be speaker of the year?

Karen Jacobson - The Australian Voice of Siri

Learn how to manage your nerves, protect your voice and present to international audiences in the thousands. How do you tailor your message to your specific audiences? How can you ensure you are connected with the crowd, no matter the number of people in your audience? What role does feedback play in speaking excellence? Why is your personal presentation so important? Plus Karen shares her secrets to memorable, moving and authentic storytelling.

Sharmila Nahna - Speaker's Bureau Expert

Learn the secret to accelerate your speaking career through a bureau channel. What do corporate audiences want from a speaker? What makes a brilliant speaker? What is the role of your showreel? Learn how to raise your profile as a speaker so you're known and booked. Understand the importance of 'on stage', 'off stage' and 'online' for your speaking brand and business. Plus Sharm explains how to become 'bureau friendly' and watch your bookings increase.

Marty Wilson - Comedian of the Year

Learn the art and science of storytelling and humour to make your key messages stick. What is the secret to making any story a great story? How can you find your authentic funny bone? How do you deal with the heckler in your audience? What do you do when you go blank? Why should you connect rather than perfect? Plus Marty shares some invaluable and practical tips for managing your stage fright.

Peter Merrett - Mr Wonderful

Break free from your boring corporate job and become a professional speaker. Learn the art of WOW! How important is feeling the room? What is the role of the emotional objective? Learn how to tailor your messages for large international audiences. Plus Peter shares his secrets on how to captivate from the first 6 seconds, apply the 30:60:90 rule, and use props that delight so you are memorable for all the right reasons.

Warwick Merry - Professional Speakers Australia Past President

Learn what it takes to delight and impress as a masterful event host and emcee. What is the difference between an emcee and a speaker? How do you get started as an emcee? How important is the ability to think on your feet? What role does rehearsal play? What do the best emcees and speakers have in common? Plus Warwick shares his personal secrets for captivating an audience.